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General Queries

Yes we do. All applications are lodged via the planning portal

Yes we do. We work closely with all our consultants to ensure a great price and efficient turnaround time. All consultants are at an additional fee

Each projects time frame varies. However, as an indication of start to submission time, we estimate 8-10 weeks to submit. Please refer to page 5 for a break down.

We certainly do. We believe the exterior MUST meet the interior. Please contact us if you wish to include interior designing within your service

No. Please do not alter any design factors after the approvals have been sent and you have started construction. This goes against any approval regulation and can cause hefty fines to yourself.

You can change some interior aspects after the approvals. ie. kitchen / bathroom layout, add an extra toilet / sink. Any (internal only) wall changing may require updated structural plans.

We strongly encourage all design changes to be made prior to any Engineering or BASIX documentations, prior to approvals. Any changes after submission will delay the process and result in a fee variation

With the current market it is extremely hard to provide you with any final build costs. Our trusted builder would be able to provide you with a quote after plans have been approved. We always ask for your build budget to ensure the final design does not affect your finances,

All payments are to be made via direct debit at each stage of the project. Each amount will beoutlined within the formal fee proposal