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Passionate experts in residential and commercial design, providing tailored solutions from concept to construction for over 20 years.


Where dreams take shape and spaces come alive. With a passion for design and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we embark on a journey to transform your vision into reality.

SI Designs was formally established in 2018. However, Stephanie's Father has been a Designer and Builder since 1994 and has since been passing down all his knowledge through. We have been lucky to gain first hand experience with both design and construction. Making our designs, not only aesthetically pleasing, but buildable and affordable !

We really have established a Family Owned business, with generational knowledge, experience and expertise being projected within every project and now, since 2020, her husband with his own building company.

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Crafted by dreams, driven by innovation.

Committed to excellence, we seamlessly guide your project from concept to construction. With over two decades of expertise, our team crafts spaces with precision and skill. Tailored solutions and sustainable practices ensure a lasting, environmentally-conscious result.


We collaborate with clients who share our passion for exceptional design. From homeowners envisioning their dream space to businesses enhancing their work environment, our expertise spans industries. We partner with individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and organizations, ensuring each project receives utmost dedication and attention.


A Survey Report is crucial from the outset, providing precise Lot information, sizing, RLs, Boundaries, and existing site infrastructure. This data ensures accurate planning and execution, addressing specific site requirements effectively.


Our team collaborates closely with a select group of Engineers, highly qualified and experienced in various project facets. Their expertise ensures seamless integration of design concepts with engineering feasibility.

Council Body / Private Certifier

Proactive communication with assessing parties minimizes unexpected delays during approvals and construction phases. Regular engagement guarantees compliance with regulatory standards.


SI’s work balances aesthetics with functionality. Our trusted builders ensure designs are realized to the highest standards, delivering projects on time and within budget.

Other Consultants

In unique cases, specialized consultants may be necessary. Our network of professionals addresses specific project needs, from environmental impact assessments to acoustic engineering.


Needed right from the beginning to provide us with the RL's to work directly off.

Council Body / Private Certifier

In regular contact with these bodies during the design phase to minimise any surprises once lodgement has commenced

Design Iterations

We have our trusted Builders working alongside us to ensure our design can be delivered.


We work closely with a number of engineers who are highly qualified and experienced with any sorts of work we produce.

Other Consultants

We have our trusted Builders working alongside us to ensure our design can be delivered.For many reasons, you may need to engage further consultants than the standard mentioned above. We too can provide and outsource these consultants and documents required.

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